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Joe Brundidge’s confessional, lighthearted voice is booming with rhythmic authenticity; a fresh, round, fierce identity, can be found within the pages of his second book of poetry, Element 615. This collection gives definition to those most prevalent of truths we contend with – struggling with personal and everyday life events, defeat, victory, love; powerful in the form of haiku as well as in lyrical, philosophical verses; poetic elements of spirituality weaved throughout; Brundidge struggles to overcome feelings of alienation, adversity, and sorrow. These succinct, beautifully written pieces, mark well observed spaces Brundidge has explored, through the highs and lows, and now you can too.

Joe Brundidge is an author, host, and public speaker living in Austin, Texas. He has hosted a number of open mic events for almost 20 years to include Spoken & Heard at Kick Butt Coffee, an event he curates. He also served as the Director of the Austin International Poetry Festival for three years, from 2012-2015.


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